Submissions Update

Despite the best laid plans, I was unable to open to submissions this winter. As much as I would love to sign new clients, current clients take priority, so I’m remaining closed to submissions until my schedule opens up again. My goal is to respond to pending submissions and re-open by this summer, maybe a bit earlier. To the handful of people who are waiting for a response to their submission, I thank you for your patience. Know that your submission is still under consideration.

For those of you who love query stats–I received about a thousand queries while I was open in Oct/Nov 2023. Of those, about 100 made it into the further consideration pile. Since then: I have responded to 60 or so. Quite of few more, around 20, received offers of representation on which I stepped aside. I have yet to request any fulls.

Do note, my standard timing is elongated due to outside forces, but as personal and professional interruptions that cut into submission response times are fairly common in an agent’s career, it’s a good statistical variable to take into account.

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