My client list is small but curated. I seek long-term authors who are patient and hard-working and willing to be collaborative, because I look to launch and nurture careers, not simply get a book published. If your end goal is just to get this current submission published, I’m not the right agent for you. If you want to be a career author, or have multiple project ideas then we’re a good match!

A few of the projects I’ve sold are showcased below along with photos of my wonderful and amazing clients. Click on the photo to visit the author site. View my Publishers Marketplace page for more details.


I feel truly lucky to have Mary C. Moore as my literary agent. Not only is she an indefatigable advocate of my work, she has also been my editor, guide, adviser, and overall a wonderfully supportive and encouraging influence. Thanks Mary, for believing in my work and helping me make my publishing dreams a reality. – Rati Mehrotra

Mary has a rare talent for offering guidance while encouraging the writer to be creative and authentic throughout the book’s journey. This is in addition to the patience and persistence she displays when advocating for her clients. I’m very fortunate to have her as my agent! – Elizabeth Montrose

From the beginning, Mary C. Moore has been a strong supporter and advocate for my work and kept me informed and encouraged throughout the submission and publication process. – Stacey Berg