Book Reviews

Below you will find a list of novels written by indie authors. Each was compelling enough in its own way to secure a place onto this page. Click on the title to see the full review on Goodreads. If you are interested in submitting a book for review, please know I am currently closed to reviews, and submissions will be discarded unread.


4/5 stars to Royal Flush Scott Bartlett
4/5 stars to The Mighty Quinn by Paula R. Stiles
4/5 stars to Critical Failures by Robert Bevan
4/5 stars to Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas
4/5 stars to Dreamwielder by Garrett Calcaterra
3/5 stars to Charmed by Erica Ridley
3/5 stars to Gift of the Destroyer by Jeroen Steenbeeke
3/5 stars to Katarina the Dragonslayer by Samuel Medina
3/5 stars to Be’askaas – Tales of Death & Redemption by Nicholas Kerkhoff
3/5 stars to The One Who is Two (White Rabbit, Book 1) by Stuart Oldfield


4/5 stars to Insane & Out by T. J. Price
3/5 stars to The Vale of Tears by James Murphy


5/5 stars to Strictly Analog by Richard Levesque
4/5 stars to The Girl at the End of the World by Richard Levesque
4/5 stars to The Last Bad Job by Colin Dodds
3/5 stars to The Mine by John A. Heldt


4/5 stars to Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead by Jacob Prytherch


5/5 stars to Uncertainty Principles by Krista Tibbs
4/5 stars to He Who Shall Remain Shameless by David Ewald
4/5 stars to Coming of Age…AGAIN by Carol B. Mizrahi
4/5 stars to All the Lights That Have Shone by Paul McCormack
3/5 stars to Buzz by Robert Zverina


4/5 stars to Falling For Your Madness by Katharine Grubb

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